About Me

I’m a PhD student at University of Oregon’s philosophy department.  My CV is here. Prior to coming to University of Oregon, I received BAs in philosophy and English literature and an MA in English from California State University, Stanislaus. I have worked as a lecturer at Merced College’s English department, California State University Stanislaus’ philosophy department, University of California Merced’s Merritt Writing program, Quinnipiac University’s First-Year Experience program, and Fairfield University’s philosophy department as well as their Core Writing program.

The areas I have been trained and work in are Continental philosophy (especially Nietzsche and Deleuze), Latin American philosophy (especially indigenous thought and Enrique Dussel), and Decolonial theory (especially Decolonial feminisms). I also harbor a deep love for early modern philosophy, especially Spinoza. Like some graduate students, I perpetually change what I like to read, and I consider myself a pluralist when it comes to philosophy.

I am trained in English literature, and my exams were on California and “Multicultural” American literature. I am trained in reading and translating Middle English. I have a deep love for literature, especially Fyodor Dostoevsky, Cormac McCarthy, Franz Kafka, and Gabriel Garcia Márquez.

Research-wise, my dissertation concerns concepts of playfulness, colonialism, and worlds. I engage with texts by María Lugones, Jacques Derrida, and William James to discuss the ways that our different worlds relate in destructive and creative ways.

I have worked occasionally in labor and community organizing since 2017, and in the labor union GTFF, AFT local 3544, I have served as department steward, grievances officer, political education officer, chair of the BIPOC caucus, member of the survivor support caucus, I have organized contract campaigns, and written contract language for our collective bargaining agreement. I’ve also worked with community groups, including community labor coalitions and racial justice groups.

I like to use this website to blog and otherwise host whatever I need to on the internet. Feel free to send me an email for whatever reason, as I’m always happy to chat about most anything.