About Me

I’m a PhD student at University of Oregon’s philosophy department.  My CV is here. Prior to coming to University of Oregon, I received BAs in philosophy and English literature and an MA in English from California State University, Stanislaus. I have worked as a lecturer at Merced College’s English department, California State University Stanislaus’ philosophy department, University of California Merced’s Merritt Writing program, Quinnipiac University’s First-Year Experience program, and Fairfield University’s philosophy department as well as their Core Writing program.

I’ve been trained extensively in the tradition of Continental philosophy, and I work in the areas of Critical Philosophy of Race and Latin American Philosophy with an emphasis on colonialism. I’m very interested in the early modern period both because I love the milieu out of which Descartes arose and because I think it’s important to study how philosophers were reacting to the colonization of the Americas, especially how they justified it. I have a special place in my heart for Baruch Spinoza’s philosophy. I consider myself a pluralist when it comes to philosophy, and I love reading broadly in order to continue having conversations with my friends in American Pragmatism, epistemology, Critical Theory, and Ancient Greek philosophy.

I am trained in English literature, and my exams were on California and “Multicultural” American literature. I am trained in reading and translating Middle English. I have a deep love for literature, especially Fyodor Dostoevsky, Cormac McCarthy, Franz Kafka, and Gabriel Garcia Márquez.

Research-wise, my dissertation works with philosophers in Black Studies, Decolonial Feminism, and early modern philosophy to discuss colonialism through the concept of worlds. I came to work on worlds after revisiting the work of Maria Lugones for a paper on Walter Benjamin I was working on, and I was struck by the ways we could think about colonialism and its history from the point of view of worlds instead of, or in addition to, the vantage point of particular subjectivities.

I have worked occasionally in labor and community organizing since 2017, and in the labor union GTFF, AFT local 3544, I have served as department steward, grievances officer, political education officer, chair of the BIPOC caucus, member of the survivor support caucus, I have organized contract campaigns, and written contract language for our collective bargaining agreement. I’ve also worked with community groups, including community labor coalitions and racial justice groups.

I like to use this website to blog and otherwise host whatever I need to on the internet. Feel free to send me an email for whatever reason, as I’m always happy to chat about most anything.