At a joint labor rally between my graduate union, GTFF 3544, and campus worker union SEIU 503.

I’m a third-year PhD student at University of Oregon’s philosophy department. My academic focuses are on Continental philosophy (especially post-war French philosophy), Latin American philosophy (especially the Grupo modernidad/colonialidad and Rodolfo Kusch), and Early Modern philosophy (especially Spinoza with regard to his context and reception). My non-academic interests include getting mad online and sometimes organizing offline, playing music, and recently, skating.

My current plan for this website is to produce guides for reading various philosophers, which is something I’ve struggled to find in organized ways in my own research. Sometimes I immediately find a perfectly-written Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy article replete with useful references that are readable at my current knowledge level; other times I’ve deep into reddit still failing to find a good entry point to tackling Derrida. My goal is to set up some robust introductions to philosophers I like that are accessible at a variety of background knowledge levels. Beyond that, I’d like to have a place to post longer, bloggy thoughts from time to time.