A Conference on Fatal Natality: The 32nd Annual Meeting of Ricardo’s Birthday

Date and Time: October 27th, 2020, Tuesday, 7:45pm

Zoom link: https://uoregon.zoom.us/j/8073700812

On October 27th, 2020, my birthday, we will meet to discuss key issues relevant to contemporary life today, these days.

We welcome anyone who wants to submit presentations of 1-5 minutes in length, though we also welcome submissions 5-10 minutes in length. However, no one is required nor expected to submit anything.

We will be meeting to discuss what friends are, what friends can be, what friends have been, and how friends go about friending. Here’s how it will go:

7:45pm – Reception and snacks (imaginary)
8pm – opening keynote (Ricardo Friaz)
8:15pm – special sessions and invited papers
8:30pm – plenary session where we follow some instructions to generate a short poem
8:45pm – presentation of short poems
9pm – introductions

We will be meeting on Zoom on October 27th, Ric’s birthday, and hanging out. We will hang out for an hour or so. You may also attend this conference to wish me a happy birthday. We hope to have rich Q&A sessions. See you all soon.