Getting to nine credit hours

The UO Graduate School requires that graduate students be enrolled in nine credit hours to be in good standing. Given that most classes are worth four credits and we tend to take two classes a term, we need to find a one credit class to get us to nine. If you are a first-year who is teaching, your one credit will be met by the teaching colloquium, which all teaching GEs must take three terms of. If you have already completed the teaching colloquium, things get tricky.

As of last year, we have gotten one credit by being enrolled in a reading group. To get your credit, you must meet two requirements: 1) there must be a faculty member who has agreed to be involved with the group in some way; typically they don’t come to the reading group meetings, but serve in some advisory capacity. 2) You must fill out an online form to get a permission number for adding the class. Here is the link.

In later years, you may find you’re done with class requirements but still need to get to nine credit hours. In this case, talk to a faculty member about setting up a reading or research group to help get you to where you need to be. I (Ricardo) have had positive experiences doing this with Alejandro and Daniela.